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General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

1. Validity opposite entrepreneurs and definitions of terms:

The following general terms and conditions apply to all deliveries between me (in the following text referred to as idoweb4you) and a customer (in the following text referred to as customer) in their version valid at the time of the order.
2. Conclusion of a contract, storage of the contract text:

(1) The following regulations on the conclusion of the contract apply to orders placed via the Internet platform or to orders placed in another, direct form.

(2) In the case of the conclusion of the contract the contract comes off with

Helmut Schneider
Weiherfeld 7E
D-85456 Wartenberg
Small businessman after §19 Abs. 1 UStG

(3) The presentation of offers and services on my website do not represent a legally binding contract offer on my part, but are only a non-binding invitation to the customer to take advantage of my offers. By ordering the desired service, the customer makes a binding commitment to conclude an order contract.

(4) After receipt of an order at idoweb4you the following regulations are valid:
The order to web and graphic services always detailed discussions between the customer and idoweb4you have taken place and a service package was written, which serves as a basis for the implementation of the ordered services and can be used as binding in case of doubt. All achievements not defined in the achievement package cannot be claimed later compellingly or be demanded subsequently.
3. Delivery and contract fulfillment

The delivery by idoweb4you is done at the moment when the project defined in the service package is fully implemented and if necessary functional.
4. Reservation of proprietary rights

idoweb4you reserves the property of the provided service until the complete payment of the purchase price.
5. Right of withdrawal of the customer

The customer of idoweb4you is entitled to a right of withdrawal according to the following conditions:
The customer can withdraw at any time from his order to idoweb4you, without giving reasons. If the project is already in the planning or in the processing or implementation phase, the customer is obliged to pay the work incurred up to the date of withdrawal, provided that there is no gross negligence by idoweb4you, which justifies the withdrawal from the order.
6. Pricing

idoweb4you offers basically two ways of pricing:

About an hourly rate or about a non-binding offer.

(1) Hourly rate
The settlement over an hourly rate, which is fixed in the offer, comes in most cases with change work on already existing projects (e.g. Internet sides) or other graphic work to the application, which idoweb4you made itself.

(2) Non-binding offer
A non-binding offer is in almost all cases the preferred variant for the pricing of new projects to be planned and executed, as this is easier to understand and estimate for most customers.
7. Planning and specification

Before any work is carried out, a detailed discussion is necessary. Thereby all wishes and ideas of the customer are recorded in writing by idoweb4you and presented for cross-checking. Helpful thereby is always, if the customer has concrete conceptions, examples submits, other Internet sides and/or graphic implementations, which please the customer, indicate and/or own material, pictures and texts, can tax. Also the achievement package, thus what an Internet appearance or a diagram must be able and/or to reach, is fixed.
8. Surrender and free conversion and design

The customer leaves the design of all points not discussed or defined during this discussion phase to the implementation by idoweb4you! Thereby the customer has the certainty that idoweb4you is very anxious to convert everything into a complete work/package suitable for the customer.
9. Changes after completion

Changes after the final elaboration and completion are possible, but usually do not fall under the coverage of the offer and have to be negotiated separately or will be charged via the hourly rate.
10. Not included in the service offer of idoweb4you:

All additional services necessary for an order, which do not fall under the design offers of idoweb4you, neither for web design nor for graphic projects will be charged extra, either by idoweb4you or by third party providers. This includes for example:
Print jobs, hosting and domain offers (required for web presences).
11. Rights

With the settlement of the invoice issued by idoweb4you, the customer acquires all rights to the graphic and functional works created by idoweb4you. The customer may reproduce these works unaltered unlimited number of times. The customer does not acquire the copyright of idoweb4you created graphics with it. This means that the customer may not change, duplicate or sell the works of idoweb4you under another name. Also the customer is not allowed to change, copy or sell the works of idoweb4you under leaving my name or my synonym. For all this the agreement of idoweb4you is required. Possibly by idoweb4you from third party suppliers (eg purchased photo and image material, which is used in projects, the customer may continue in the context of the product freely use and reproduce. However, the customer may not take such material from the product and use or sell it elsewhere. Because the licenses of such material are not transferable! In addition, the costs for by idoweb4you bought picture material for customer products are not included in the cost offers and must be taken over by the customer. This happens always only after arrangement with the customer!
12. Legal security, data protection, responsibility, warnings

The legal and content responsibility of a website, even if it was created by idoweb4you, always lies with the operator or the customer! As a web- and graphic designer idoweb4you takes no responsibility for shown content, be it texts, pictures or other content! Also for by the operating system of the hoster, by the hoster itself, by the used CMS as well as its applications, integrated services and webtools, over which sensitive, personal data of any kind can be seen or taken by third, idoweb4you takes no responsibility! Also for the imprint required by law, the privacy policy and Cookie Warner and their contents, their timeliness and functionality idoweb4you takes no responsibility! Idoweb4you is very anxious here to pay attention to the newest laws and rules and to consider these, so idoweb4you must rely however often also on in addition, freely available offers, like e.g. content text generators for imprints and data security explanations. Here idoweb4you falls back on known and trusted providers, which usually announce their changes and updates. If idoweb4you has concluded a maintenance contract with its customers, idoweb4you will update customer websites after consultation with the customer. But nevertheless the customer as an operator of a website is himself in the duty to check and to maintain or to check and to let maintain his website, which concerns the legal security. If it comes, despite all care by idoweb4you, to the warning by third parties, e.g. by warning lawyers, the whole responsibility and burden lies with the operator of the website! From case to case, it is therefore advisable to consult an expert, a data protection officer, who can examine websites for warning dangers and data security leaks.
  Status: March 2022